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Leadership Working Sessions

Build a high performing leadership team

At Juice Inc, we. will partner with you to design and deliver highly customized leadership team working sessions that combine individual and team development with ‘real work’.  

Our customized leadership working sessions integrate with your previous investments and provide your team with the tools and skills needed to move towards your desired state.

Designing customized leadership working sessions involves:

  1. Collaborating with you and your team to clearly articulate the objectives of the session.

  2. Selecting the right-mix of content, applications, experiential simulations, and tools that will move your team towards the desired state.

  3. Designing and delivering a time-spaced learning/work process to achieve the objectives.

  4. Adjusting the process and content as we move through the learning journey.

Our customized leadership working sessions are specifically designed for new or existing senior leadership teams wanting to grow:

  • individual leadership capabilities,
  • gain alignment and clarity on their strategy and goals,
  • build a high performing leadership team, and
  • learn how to architect a highly engaged and energized culture.

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Customer Feedback

"Brady is an excellent presenter/speaker and I loved his stories.  I was choked up a couple of times.  He is very inspiring."

Senior Leader
Mutual Insurance Company